Coal Power Plant Emissions


Because some of the costs and damages from environmental emissions are external to the power plant that generates them, they are not necessarily considered in [...]

Industrial Chimney


Industrial Chimney Photo by Claudiu Sergiu Danaila What can I do with this photo? Do whatever you want with it. Commercial or personal use. [...]

Bridgeport, CT Coal And Oil Power Station


Bridgeport, CT Coal And Oil Power Station Key Facts: Location: Bridgeport Harbor, CT MW: 400 Fuel: Coal, Oil Technology: Steam, Combustion Commercial Operation: 1967, 1968 [...]

Cooking Egg On Sidewalk

It's getting hot BY RYAN MCGUIRE No copyright restrictions via  

Suncor Oil Refinery


Suncor Oil Refinery Outside Denver Must provide photo credit to Max and Dee Bernt via Flickr under CC2.0 Generic Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) This is [...]

Torrential Rain Storm

By Andrea Fabry via Unsplash

Wind and Smog

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By Withch Kiki via Unsplash

Smog in China

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By Alex Gindin via Unsplash

Fossil Fuel Smog

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By Petter Rudwall via Unsplash

Miami Beach


By Jeroen Verbaas via Unsplash

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